A Better Kind of Politics: Towards Social and Political Charity is a growing consortium of Roman Catholic institutions in the United States collaborating throughout 2021 on a series of online discussions around topics relating to Pope Francis’ call in Fratelli Tutti for a renewal of politics through social and political charity measured by how we treat our neighbors, especially those “lying wounded along the roadside."

About A Better Kind of Politics

A consistent theme in the ministry of Pope Francis has been his call in Evangelii Gaudium and in Laudato Si’ to "A Better Kind of Politics." He devoted a whole chapter of Fratelli Tutti to “A Better Kind of Politics.” What I’m here to tell you about is a concrete effort to heed Pope Francis’s call, to ask what “A Better Kind of Politics” would look like, and to try to inspire American Catholics to do our part and make that happen in our parishes and our communities.

For quite a while, there has been a conversation underway among Catholic institutions about how we might do this, and today we are announcing to you the fruits of that conversation. Over the next year — at least — we will program online conversations with thoughtful speakers and a chance for you to join in with questions and discussion. The theme of all these programs will be Pope Francis’s call, which we have taken for the name of this effort: A Better Kind of Politics.

Our hope is to provide programming that brings as much of the diversity of the Church in the United States to bear as we possibly can gather, and to foster a deep conversation about how we Catholics can build a better political community that seeks justice, mercy, and peace for the common good.

The most important participants will not be the sponsoring institutions or the speakers. The most important participants will be… you. You, and all of the other Catholics that you can invite to join this conversation to heed Pope Francis’s call. We hope we’ll be able to count on you to help spread the word.

Pope Francis has emphasized how we should think about politics not as a contest over interests with winners and losers, but as a kind of friendship. This collaboration was born in friendship, and we invite you to join us as friends, together through the year ahead, to build A Better Kind of Politics.

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